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Preparing Your Rental Property

Presentation plays a key factor when leasing out your property, here are some tips for preparing your property for the rental market:

Repair  If you have anything in need of repair, make sure this is attended to. If you have a leaking pipe or cracked roof, you should contact a tradesperson. If it is a wall that needs to be plastered and painted, the best option is to hire a professional painter and decorator. Prospective tenants like to feel as if everything is intact and ready for them to just move in.

Make the most of your garden  The garden is one of the first things that the prospective tenant will see, and it can also be a real focal point of the house; but only if it is inviting. Make sure that you keep your garden looking at its best. Regular mowing, raking, edging, weeding and watering will preserve a neat and clean garden you can hire professional garden maintenance experts for a one-off garden tidy.

Do you have a pool?  Ensure that its clean and that the surround is in good condition. If there are any repairs you could do, this would be advisable. Legislation now states that all rental properties must have a Pool Compliance Certificate.

How is your kitchen?  The kitchen is a very important room, as it’s where the meals are prepared and where the family comes together. Also, if there is any entertaining, it will be most likely linked to this room. Therefore check that your kitchen is fresh and clean.

Clear away clutter  While it is still your home and you have your personal items, try to keep the amount of personalia to a minimum to allow the prospective tenants the opportunity to see their own things in the house. Also, if you have too many things stored in your house, you can make rooms look a lot smaller. Removing the excess items in a room gives the prospective tenants a fair impression of room size.

Think of the details  For the exterior of your home, all items like fences, front lights, patio furniture and garden lighting should be attractive to the eye. The front path that leads to your house should be well paved and safe with no loose stones. These small details are very important in giving the impression of your home’s style and character, whether that be simple, smart, casual or elegant.

Services & Utilities  Be sure to organise final readings for gas, telephone, electricity and water. If you have a monitored alarm, do not forget to cancel or transfer tenant details if required.